12 Aug 2009

imagesWe know from neuroscience that we impact each other. If there are lots of happy people around we tend to pick up the “happiness vibe” and smile more. If there is lots of anger, well, we can become part of the yelling mob.

Two examples are dramatically evident these days and they both have to do with healthcare. One is the redundant scene played throughout the country where combative people are screaming at elected officials for beginning the push ideas for a new form of heath care in this country. Fear and anger are obvious in the Town Hall meetings. There is no room for real discussion, only accusations and recriminations.

Another example of heath care is taking place this week in Los Angeles where doctors, nurses, dentists, and technicians have set up shop to give free medical attention to those who cannot afford it. The lines are long, the days are long, and yet there is no yelling and taunting. Goodwill seems to abound as those who need treatment receive it and those who have the skills offer to treat.

Do you wonder who goes to bed more contented? The folks who are ranting about the fear of limited heath care, the concern that the elderly will be “put out to pasture”, that those who already have the funds for treatment will get less while those who they feel don’t deserve will get more?

Maybe we have become too self-centered and afraid that there is not enough. Maybe the fear, as ancient as the oldest parts of our brains, keeps us hostage to the idea of “not enoughness”. Somehow the practitioners in Los Angeles, working long hours for many days are not complaining. And the people getting the free examinations seem truly appreciative.

Maybe, if we said no to the fear and started helping each other we would find there is enough to go around. And maybe the good feeling of helping each other would boost our immune systems and keep us healthier, just maybe.

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