26 Feb 2010


Stress and anxiety have been at the boiling point for the last year, and depending where you live, the weather has been the proverbial icing on the cake.


As a leader in a company, your health is vital to keep the engines of your business revved and going smoothly. Sadly, when stress hits the hot button, most of us forget about eating right, sleeping soundly and exercising regularly.


More and more, usually fit executives are putting on weight, which can drive insulin levels up, causing worries about diabetes. Grabbing that handful of pretzels or peanuts for lunch or feasting on cold pizza day after day, you increase the chances of higher blood pressure.


Research indicates that losing your job can send your health spiraling downwards. Even more complicated is the fact that those whose jobs are safe feel the impact and also are having cardiac and other stress-related symptoms.


Eating, sleeping, exercise; most executives know what to do, and in easier times, do it. So, what can we learn from these complex times? The first question is: how do we maintain a healthy attitude?


Attitude is the driver!  And attitude is more complex that just having a positive outlook. It means learning how to stay in the “Safe Stress Zone™ ” and learning how to create a work setting that is not too extreme in being too flexible or too rigid. In “Don’t Bring It to Work”  there are tips and tools for leaders to create a balanced setting for your workforce.


You can also send an e-mail to maryjane@ceoptions.com, and we will be pleased to offer our article about the foundations of a “safe stress” work culture.  And, by the way, the good news is you can take what you learn about what to do at work and bring it home, it’s equally important to be successful practicing “safe stress” with your family.

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8 Responses to Real Leaders Practice Safe Stress ™
  1. Health is the only thing which can give you support in any stage of your life only because you feel so energetic and young with it. There are lots of people are still not aware about their health so this is really a serious problem. WE should try to maintain our health.Thanks for your ideas.

  2. Thanks a lot for this interesting and informative article on stress – its a negative effects and some solutions. so that I have been doing TM for years and have nothing but good effect from the twice daily practice……..

  3. These is a proverb that Health is Wealth So you can achieve anything if your health is ok.

  4. Great information. Anxiety disorder is becoming an increasing problem in today’s world. If you are afflicted by panic attacks, be aware that you are definitely not alone. Please consider natural remedies first before resorting to medications which may have unfortunate side effects and even create a dependency in the patient.

  5. Healthy person is the happiest person in the world. But stress is the main cause behind somebody’s health problem. Yoga and meditation are the best solution for this. They not only keeps you physically fit but also provides mental stability.
    Thanks for this inspirational stuff.

  6. Health is a lifetime assets, so if anyone want to earn it for their better life then they have to work for it. Stress is the root of many diseases, so try to avoid it as much as possible. Your blog would really help from overcoming this problem.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. Stress is the main cause behind several health problems. People must try to keep themselves happy as much as possible. Anyways, information provided here is very useful and informative.

  8. People try several measures to keep them healthy but even they are not satisfied. Stress plays a major role in such situations. Also, it is the main reason behind several diseases. Try to avoid stress as much as possible.

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