10 May 2010


What if everyday at work was amazing, rewarding, conflict free, and wonderful?


If that were the case you would be living in a pretend paradise that, I can assure you, would get boring, boring, boring within a month.


Anyone remember the movie “Pleasantville“? It is a 50’s type family living in a 50’s type community where everything is so….well pleasant. The beginning of the film is in black and white and only changes (I don’t want to spoil it for you, it’s worth seeing) so just note at some point it changes, or the word I would use is it transforms to what is real!


It is through conflict, facing our demons, embracing our shadow side, and really getting the fact that everything is connected and no one wins unless we all do that workplace relationships become and stay amazing so that each day has its own power:


Monday magic

Tuesday terrific

Wednesday wonderful

Thursday thoughtful

Friday friendly


And the week end has a shimmering quality because we are not fried from the week.


There is a new quality movement at work. It has to do with caring, creativity, compassion, cooperation. It has to do with each individual taking responsibility for becoming self aware and accountable. It is a needed reinvention of the workplace after health care reform. It is better not to get stress induced illnesses, agreed?


It is what we have always wanted at work. Now it is closer and closer to being there on a daily basis. Research and understanding of people technology bring us to better and better places.


At CEOinc., we want to help you have a smarter, sharper workforce, one with less stress more productivity and more happiness. It’s about you, it’s about me, and it’s about time.

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  1. Conquering conflicts and troubles makes success sweeter and deserved.

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