01 Jul 2010


This is a time to really, really look at the meaning of success, of relationship, and in honor of the Fourth of July, of freedom.


Please go to Examiner.com where I am a writer and check out the blog I did about Jon Gosselin who is in our Total leadership Connections program. Jon lives in Pa. and has been on the reality series “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” where we all had the opportunity to watch sextuplet and twin Gosselins grow and flourish.


Jon is an example of a man who is reinventing himself, redefining what success looks like, what matters in relationships and what freedom is really about.


Enjoy and if you have questions or comments I would be pleased to confer with him or answer myself.


That will be it for me till after the holiday. Herb and I are in Santa Fe and wish all of you safe journeys a and good dialogues about freedom, one of our most sacred rights.

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  1. I’ve read about the Statue of Liberty and the statue of course, aside from being very old is brittle. The copper plating on the statue of only as thick as 2 pennies. You could also see the rust on nails that were used to hammer the copper plating in place.Do you think the Statue of Liberty will fall down in the near future?

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