05 Dec 2011


It does appear that the time of apathy is dwindling. It seems like there are more and more people opening their windows and yelling out “I won’t take it anymore”.

Lee Woodruff’s blog  is powerful in its honesty.

In my experience in executive coaching, I am always amazed and saddened at the number of vastly successful business men and women who have sordid tales from childhood that continue to show up in the workplace concerning their ability to trust, really trust those they work with. You see, once we have been “boundary beaten” as kids, we are always wary of what others will do to us, no matter how “nice” they appear. These are deep wounds that are often still open sores throughout life.

Let’s stop the madness and begin protecting each other from abuse one day at a time.

Lee Woodruff

Co-Author, ‘In an Instant’

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One Response to Speaking up: What the World Needs Now
  1. First time i had read Love and Healing by Lee and Bob Woodruff, and some of friends found it a bit confusing, but personally i loved reading it!

    Just a week back i finished in an Instant, found this os one pretty gripping too.. Bob and Lee Woodruff tell the story, not just of Bob’s injury in Iraq, but of their relationship. The book is well written and the tone is almost conversational.

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