12 Dec 2011


Remember the ad that said “reach out and touch someone”?  (In case you need a refresher, click the link)  It is even more vital today when we are running full steam ahead and have so little time to stop and stress is our number one companion.


We know it is good to show random acts of kindness, to reach out and touch someone. Research indicates that not only is this the right thing to do as the holiday season gets into full swing, it is actually good for your health.


I was talking to a friend who kept nodding his head in agreement. “Well” I finally said, “So what have you done to reach out”?


He told me how he bought lunch for two people sitting at the next table when he was having lunch in Manhattan. “They thought I was a nut”, he smiled. “Yet it began a short conversation about how being empathic, compassionate or altruistic is really in some way selfish, cause it makes the giver feel good”.


He continued, “They told me they would return the favor the next day, and they both emailed me that, yup, it made everyone feel bright and content”.

Studies show that people who volunteer live longer, have less chronic pain and can stay calm in the midst of upsetting situations.


It has been called “the helpers high” and this is the perfect time to give your nervous system a boost.


Everyone who writes to tell me about one good thing, one hand extended in generosity of spirit between now and December 31 will get a copy of my “Pattern Aware Success Guide”, a three month program for targeting and transforming patterns to increase positive relationships at home and at work.

In addition, the best story of a unique way of giving without any need to receive, will get back….a new iPad delivered with a smile and another surprise to be announced (hint, it could be a trip)on January 1.

So, what are you waiting for, reach out and touch someone.


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  1. I have family living next door to me whose eldest son is in a correctional facility and the children are like all children kind at heart. Even though we are in the process of losing our home to the bank my husband and I try to help them. Sometimes with food other time taking them to worship. Just a liitle bit of compassion goes a long way.

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