16 Jan 2012

I am always thinking about what an hour or two means as the clock ticks the days and years away.

I don’t want to waste time!

So, spending a few hours watching The Golden Globes last night, I counted away many wasted minutes.

However, I kept watching and waiting.

What was I waiting for; something more than looking at dresses? Certainly something more than listening to the delight these well paid and often amazingly talented individuals had claiming the importance of  “potty humor”.

I am delighted with the rise of women leaders in business in the world. After all that’s what my GUTSY WOMEN WEEKEND is all about. I was delighted when Meryl Streep won the best actress award and spoke about the juicy roles for women this year in major films. I was frustrated when so many of the women proudly mentioned that now “women can poop anywhere, just like the men “.

While the film “Bridesmaids” had some clever moments, farting and pooping took it down a notch, to something my six year old granddaughter would think is funny. Not so for most of us.

And that leads to the fact that Ricky Gervais seemed to need a “pacifier” to be on stage. Every time he entered, he had a glass filled with something that he sipped. His jokes about alcohol were non-stop and others also were in line to offer their comments about how good it was they could all drink at this affair.

We have enough difficulties with people addicted to “the bottle”, enough money spent on rehab facilities, enough time wasted with drunk driving accidents, and abusive alcohol related arguments.

The main moment that show was elevated to a higher standard, was when the elegant elder Sidney Poitier spoke directly to Morgan Freeman acknowledging his contributions to the craft of acting.

Let’s leave the “potty humor” to the six year olds and begin to demand more of what Mr. Poitier brought to the stage, elegance and eloquence.

It’s what the world needs now!



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