23 Mar 2012

Picture this scene: a four year old brother and a six year old sister are fighting over television rights. She wants “Word Girl”, the GUTSY gal heroine who fights all the bad in the world with her extensive vocabulary; or something like that.

He wants “The Transformers” and “Super Heroes” who fight all the bad in the world with their extensive physical moves, arms and legs kicking evil out of the universe; or something like that.

The arguing is eating up the air time and their mother, who just happens to be my daughter, is tired hearing the “if you” or “then maybe”.

She tells them to go out of the room and figure it out by themselves as she continues her conversation with me.

They reenter the room, nothing yet solved. However, a very smart little boy says with great pride in his negotiation skills “I think we will watch The Transformers. After all there is a girl in there and she is wearing PINK!”

Now, my grandson, Dylan did not even look at the first page of my new book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change”. He has no deep understanding of the ways of the female gender. He just wanted to watch what he wanted to watch.

However, somewhere in the deeper recesses of his brain, he has stored information about many things.

In my GUTSY book there is fascinating research about the colors of pink and blue that take us back to our long ago cave people relatives.

This is just one tidbit, there are so many amazing points of information that we will share in our next GUTSY WOMEN WEEKEND, April 13-15 at The Country Place Retreat Center,  www.retreatpa.com. And the good news is participants will get complimentary copies of the GUTSY book where the pink/blue theories are discussed.

Join us and find out what it takes to be GUTSY.

Oh, by the way, my grandchildren ended up watching Transformers and Word Girl…. their mother made the call so she could get some peace and quiet.


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