28 Sep 2012

What if you basically raised yourself? What if you were a “latch-key kid” who learned what to do and when by listening to your own intuition? What if you started your first job out of school and needed to learn how to harness your emotions and not wear them on your sleeve?

Then “Effective Immediately” is the perfect book. In fact, it is ideal for everyone who starts a new job. You see, the rules change at work. School days, when being a kid is legitimate, no longer work for you at work.

Emily Bennington was lucky. She had a mentor right out of the starting gate. Her seasoned manager, Skip Lineberg took her under his wing soon after she started her first post college job. In fact, she watched as he mentored all his direct reports.

“He never asked us to do anything he would not do. I remember seeing him in the kitchen of our office washing dishes”, said Emily when she described to me how she learned from Skip about leadership in action.

“He never lost his cool. When we were disagreeing with each other he would get us together and talk about how to make situations better rather than what everyone was doing wrong.”

Emily began to keep a notebook of all the things she was learning from Skip and seven years later they had put all the lessons together in the book that is well received in colleges and offices across the country.

“I learned to be strategic, to find the words and images that I would keep in my mind so that when I would talk to others I was strategic about my personal branding. And since I was lucky to be guided by a true leader I want to take what I learned and pass it forward.”

Emily shared in our interview that she was that latch-key kid who found early female role models in magazines. Not the gorgeous models, although they were fun to look at. She would research to find out about the female executives who ran the magazines. They represented female power and she learned from observing how they created their lives.

Her goal in speaking and writing is to empower other young females who are transitioning from college to career or women who are entering executive roles.

Her ideas are stellar, her writing style bouncy and bright, and her message clear and compassionate.

Emily recommends using magazines (she has come full circle here) to create a vision board. Cut out words and images that resonate with you and she promises you will find the best ways to make yourself known and be remembered in a positive way.

Emily, a mentor for today’s women.

Emily will be moderating a workshop on October 2nd in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women.

The October 2nd event is filled with workshops on career advancement, personal development, and reinvention. Keynote speakers include Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, Charlotte Beers, Arianna Huffington, Tory Johnson, Sonia Sanchez, and Cheryl Strayed.

To register for the event, please visit the website, http://www.paconferenceforwomen.org/conference/

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