02 Nov 2012

The havoc of Storm Sandy has three levels. First, getting through the wind, rain, and snow that barreled down; next, riding the roller coaster of emotions in the days and weeks that follow; finally, addressing the long term implications of what lies in store as “the new normal”.

Right now we are in phase two: just getting a semblance of normalcy with the basics of food and shelter. The shock of loss competes with the relief of what is still safe and available. Neighbors reach out and help; there are collections for clothing and donations for rebuilding; concerts to gather both money and strength from each other.

What about the long term?

That is to be decided on an individual, as well as a collective level. The big question is how to navigate the turbulence that is part of the aftershock of change.

This is when becoming PatternAware is critical. How do YOU respond to change? Are you a Victim who runs to hide, a Martyr who overdoes and then complains, a Rebel who lashes out against “the establishment”, an Avoider who looks the other way, a Denier who refuses to see the past we are all playing in climate change issues.

This is a perfect time to face your old, outmoded behavior patterns and transform them into ones that are effective and needed in this world of constant change.

Take the PatternAware Quiz at www.sylvialafair.com and learn to make positive change happen rather than stay stuck in negative ways of responding. It’s about you, it’s about me, and it’s about time.

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