04 Dec 2012

This is the 40th anniversary of “Free to Be You and Me”, an amazing group of songs to help children see the possibilities of life without gender restrictions and fear. They are as fresh and real today as ever. The songs are about self-empowerment, being understanding and loving. Every child, in every culture could benefit from songs that talk about “parents are people, people with children” and go on to let kids know that parents have concerns and problems too (without I might add, burdening the little ones).

My response to the HuffPost blog brought back tons of memories of my daughters walking around the house singing these songs when they were still in elementary school.

Do you have children or grandchildren or neighbors with children?

Get a copy and give a great gift for the holidays, one that will last a lifetime as it has for my now grown daughters.

Free to Be… You and Me — Forty Years Later” by Marlo Thomas.

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