06 Dec 2012

You know the songs;” it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and you feel that warm, fun feeling spread through your body, even though it is a rainy day in December.

Or maybe “Frosty the Snowman” runs through your mind and you hear the laughter and rustle of opening those special gifts on Christmas morning happy with a new iPad or soft, wooly sweater.

Perhaps it is the gentle strain of “Silent Night” that connects you with the compassion that comes for most of us on December 25.

Why not let those super good feelings course through you every day no matter what is going on around you?

Here are 5 ways to keep the perfect Christmas alive 365 days a year:

  1. Take two minutes each morning when you awaken, before you even get out of bed and see the perfect Christmas in your mind’s eye. Start with thought of gifts, goodies and gratitude.
  2. Refer to this perfect Christmas day at least once in each 24 hours, be it during the cold of winter, the rainy day of spring, the dreadfully stifling hot day in summer or the chilly day in autumn.
  3. Once a week make a written plan on how to make your perfect Christmas day happen. Write down who you will invite to your party (this can change over the course of the year) or what you will eat or what your perfect tree would have on it.
  4. Believe that this day, yes today, can have that Christmas magic.
  5. End each day with a few thoughts about how you showed caring, creativity and compassion and make a promise to yourself to do more of the same tomorrow.

Think about it, what if each one of us practiced making Christmas live all year. What kind of a world would we have? Let’s give Christmas a chance to live in our minds and hearts. It is worth the few minutes of effort.

There would be less depression, less back-biting, less nastiness and more joy, kindness and appreciation. So, don’t just sit there, join the PERFECT Christmas EVERYDAY campaign and help light up the world.

Originally posted on examiner.com

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