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Ever notice that even though companies spend billions of dollars each year on programs for team activities and team building in the workplace, interpersonal conflicts continue to cause stress and unhappiness?

Did you ever think “I wish my direct reports or co-workers would stop with their sob stories?” “I can’t listen to one more complaint”, or “Why can’t they just do their jobs and go home?”

JOIN THE THOUSANDS who have revolutionized the way they react at work by getting to the bottom of workplace behaviors that waste time and effort.

This award-winning book is a radical departure from others on leadership development, employee engagement, or entrepreneurial success. It goes where no other book has gone before, and looks at how behavior patterns developed in our original organization, the family impact how we respond at work.

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Once you learn to look and listen for the signs of old behaviors getting in the way of productivity you can get OUT of the chaos and conflict fast and be a better leader, better mentor, and better teammate.

Sylvia Lafair has not only the background of knowledge and professional experience to write this exciting book, “Don’t Bring It to Work”, she also is a solid writer who understands how to capture attention and maintain interest in both self improvement and understanding as well as how to take the information gleaned from this book to the workplace.
~Grady Harp, Top Ten Reviewer for Amazon
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In this book Sylvia Lafair explains how to break certain family patterns that limit career success by “claiming and taming the world of interpersonal relationships”.
~Robert Morris, Top Ten Reviewer for Amazon
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Sylvia Lafair has provided us with a really wonderful book that helps us understand how the interpersonal dynamics we learned in our family must affect the way we interact with others at work.
~Craig Matteson
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Pattern Aware Success Guide“PATTERN AWARE SUCCESS GUIDE”

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Research shows that changing a behavior pattern takes up to three months. This companion to “Don’t Bring It to Work” is just that, a three month book of daily exercises to make sure the behaviors that have been derailing you are put to bed forever.

In this-fast paced world we need ways to get from “now” to “new” in the snap of a finger. Most of the exercises here are under five minutes a day and are guaranteed to make change happen. All you need to do is simply start the day by using just five minutes to RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN.

Those who have made the commitment to banish antiquated behaviors have reported that when stress shows up it takes but seconds for them to see and hear their old ways and bid them au revoir.

“I was in the initial practice group to help see if these exercises worked. They do. I have learned to anchor new, more effective ways of responding and to stay in the present rather than go back to old knee-jerk ways of getting even. I have more time for creative projects now than ever before.”
~Mikayla Lev

“Never thought I would do the whole three months; yet, when the time was up I decided to start over and was surprised that I learned even more the second time around. Highly recommended.
~Mark Siegel


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Its GOOD to be GUTSY! For some of us this is easy, to speak out, take risks, stand at the leading edge of change. For most of us we need a nudge. So, this is a great book to get you started on your path to being GUTSY! You’ll learn to Observe and Understand behaviors that have stood in the way of true collaboration, and Transform into the world of outstanding partnership. From exploring models of being GUTSY, to what it means to have a pink or blue blanket this entertaining book will give you the puzzle pieces to build a GUTSY You!!

Weekend retreats based on the book are available around the country. Call 570.636.3858 or email sylvia@ceoptions.com for details.



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It’s GOOD to be GUTSY! The keys to peak performance at work and at home are at your fingertips. Banish that “not again” feeling when you find yourself repeating the same behavior over and over expecting different results. Call “pattern repetition”, it can cost you your career, your relationships, and limit your success. In this step by step guidebook you get simple and quick daily lessons to help you untie the “NOTS” as in “cannot, not good enough, not possible” that get in the way of professional and personal power.

Ready, Aim, Excel

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(chapter by Sylvia Lafair)

Chapters, by  leading mentors in the coaching community, includes Sylvia’s perspective about the power of understanding relationships as a key to authenticity in the workplace. She also touches on how her core program, Total Leadership Connections, can free individuals to face impossible challenges and become unstoppable.

Working Together“WORKING TOGETHER”

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(chapter by Sylvia Lafair)

This anthology has a chapter entitled “The Inside Out Project” which shows how we can learn to understand diversity by listening to each other’s stories. It shows the challenge of going back far enough to see how so many of our present beliefs were formed. It is the story of an African American named Nancy and her quest to look at her own prejudices and how she could become more open and willing to be part of her work community without always looking for slights she could label discrimination.

Conflict at Work DVDConflict at Work, the DVD

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This 40-minute video is a fast paced presentation to see how the 13 most common behavior patterns at work can get in the way of productivity and collaboration. It comes with a study guide so it can be used for teams to watch and discuss. Once these patterns are brought to light it is easy for individuals to see their part in difficult situations and know what to do about it.