On the Cutting Edge of Change

Leadership and kindness

Are you tired from all the bully boss blogs? Tired of all the negativity and “gotcha game” complaints that go from co-worker to co-worker? Do you play in the CYA arena and get stocked with all the gossip at work? The month of December is the most gossipy month of the year. Office parties often.. read more →

Tell the Truth George Washington

I asked a school teacher friend of mine if they still teach the George Washington “Cherry Tree” story to elementary kids. She said “sometimes yes and sometimes no”. “Why not all the time”, I questioned. “Just because of that word you used…only if we find the time. We move at such a fast pace that.. read more →

Can Bullying be Passive Aggressive?

She smiled sweetly and said she understood what was needed for the product in her territory to sell better. She wrote down what was said in the sales meeting. She had a list of places to call and people to meet. Yet nothing happened. Her boss had stomach aches and sleepless nights. He would fall.. read more →

Will You Still Love Me?

Resolutions so often turn to dust as old, deeply ingrained patterns fight for center stage. Think about all the changes you want to make as this New Year turns two days old. Have you even kept you resolutions through the first day of the month? Here is what I teach and help those who go.. read more →

Five Things that Contribute to Workplace Negativity

  This guest blog is contributed by Marlene Chism, a professional speaker, trainer and the author of Stop Workplace Drama, (Wiley 2011). Marlene has master’s degree in HR development and she works with leaders who want to run their office with no complaints, no excuses and no regrets. For more information visit www.marlenechism.com or the.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: Is “Change is Commin’” True?

Had a meeting in Manhattan and stayed to see “Memphis”. It was a rocking good show, worth the time and the money. The Tony award musical is set in the blandest of times, the 1950’s. Actually, I stand corrected. It was not bland at all. It was, however, a time when conflicts and dissentions were.. read more →

Can’t We Just Be Friends

The following Time article is a great example of what happens when patterns we learned as children are not transformed as we grow into adulthood. There are many ways to look at our patterned behavior and be accountable for our part in all relationships. Female-female relating is becoming more and more polarized as we look.. read more →

Need for Leadership

The torment for the parents of the young suicide victim, the children who are accused of causing the horrific situation, the parents of all these children, the school officials, in fact, all children, parents and teachers in the school are in this together.   Yet, as usual they end up standing at polar opposite sides.. read more →