On the Cutting Edge of Change

Leadership impact; the rest of the story

Remember the three teams who were competing for an extra paid vacation day? They were figuring out how to get each team of ten over a patterned floor covering of circles and squares. Once they had the pattern figured out, they began to lead the entire team to the Promised Land. Yet, somewhere around the.. read more →

Leadership Development, Ego Stroking, “Atta Boy’s”, and Truth Telling

I stood at the back of a fast food restaurant waiting for my colleague to get his coffee so we could sit in the summer weather when it isn’t even spring. My mind was in that “Thank God It’s Friday” mode when suddenly I found my ears circling around to eavesdrop on two employees. “I.. read more →

Give and Get: Cool Team Training

In these fast moving times, it is super important to learn about how relationships work and that “we really are all connected and no one wins unless we all do”.  Team building can add another important component to your work setting. We recently completed a “BUILD and GIVE” program with a client group. In two.. read more →

Happy Helpers and Healthy Holidays

  Remember the ad that said “reach out and touch someone”?  (In case you need a refresher, click the link)  It is even more vital today when we are running full steam ahead and have so little time to stop and stress is our number one companion.   We know it is good to show.. read more →

Well, It’s Wednesday.

  Well, It’s Wedneday. “So what“, you say? Or “UGGGG“, you say. Or “no biggie.”   For most of us geared to a 5 day work week this day is often a killer. It just seems longer than the rest of the week, like they (whomever ‘they’ are) have magically added an extra 48 looooooong.. read more →