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Workplace Conflict and Father’s Day

  Hope all of you dads had a play day yesterday; and, even more importantly, that you were recognized and appreciated.   If you are an older dad, did you live in the “no guilt” zone? Or were there memories.. read more →

Leadership Alert: We Have A Pattern Spill!!!

  In “Don’t Bring It to Work” I discuss the 13 behavior patterns that follow us from our original organization, the family into our work organization.   The BIG, I mean BIG question is “Why do we keep doing the.. read more →

Do You Know Your Leadership and Parenting Derailers?

  I found this very good article on Huffington Post about Leadership and Parenting. Please read and note my comments; I’d love to hear your thoughts.   As some of my friends and colleagues know, I’m a bit obsessed with an assessment tool I.. read more →

5 Things to Brighten Up the Work Week

  What if everyday at work was amazing, rewarding, conflict free, and wonderful?   If that were the case you would be living in a pretend paradise that, I can assure you, would get boring, boring, boring within a month... read more →

“HMD” to All Women and Men Who Have Birthed Anything

  A female executive I am coaching called me very early this morning and complained about how hard Sunday would be for her. My response was not super professional; all I said was “Huh?”   She then launched into a.. read more →

Ya Never Know!!

  I was sitting at my computer writing away when the rain started and the wind blew. It had been sunny only moments earlier. I kept writing, intent about getting the article finished before going to present at a local.. read more →

Need for Leadership

The torment for the parents of the young suicide victim, the children who are accused of causing the horrific situation, the parents of all these children, the school officials, in fact, all children, parents and teachers in the school are.. read more →

Bad Behavior at Home, School, Work

Image by ihtatho via Flickr Bullying is an art form not dissimilar to caring. It takes persistence, practice, and purpose.   What does that really mean? It means that all behaviors become patterned responses if we do them consistently. There.. read more →

Leadership Strategies and Going Green

Every so often you meet an elegant leader who stands far above most. That is the case with Canadian scientist David Suzuki. He is a world changer whose love of the environment, nature, the planet seems to ooze from every pore.. read more →