On the Cutting Edge of Change

Leadership means “Staying Awake”

The havoc of Storm Sandy has three levels. First, getting through the wind, rain, and snow that barreled down; next, riding the roller coaster of emotions in the days and weeks that follow; finally, addressing the long term implications of what lies in store as “the new normal”. Right now we are in phase two:.. read more →

Leadership journey to organizational change

Once you start on the change management path the journey is filled with contradictions and complications. Remember, forewarned is forearmed. We all know that “Time is Money” and the fastest one out of the starting gate wins. Right? Not so fast. There is a natural tendency to want things to stay the same that shows.. read more →

What do you do when you are ignored?

Did you ever sit in a restaurant and wonder if you had a snake on your head, or maybe a bird’s nest, or a mouse, or if your face had turned bright blue? You sit there and question why the server is taking so long to get to your table. It looks like everyone else.. read more →

Review of Mother’s Day

Hey mom…did you get flowers, a potted plant, candy, a dinner at the best local eatery? Did you get a phone call? A Card? Was the communication nostalgic or trite? Was there an edge of animosity or real appreciation? Mother’s Day is a multi-layered, complex day filled with stuff that is often unsaid by both.. read more →

Leadership Training: Work is NOT a Rehab Facility

When you have a lazy employee, one who has excuses for everything, who acts like a victim when you point out work not done that needs to be done and all they do is make excuses; then what? I am asked all the time in my coaching sessions, “When do you finally let someone go”?.. read more →

Leadership, Honesty and Rosie O’Donnell

I was taken with Rosie O’Donnell as she answered Pierce Morgan’s questions on CNN last Tuesday night. If honesty is a key leadership trait and leadership development programs are geared to help emerging leaders “talk truth”, this would be an excellent training video. Rosie talked about the trauma of her mother’s death when she was.. read more →

How Old is Old Enough?

Last night I watched a film that is still haunting me. There is so much trash out there and so little that I can recommend to those in our Total Leadership Connections program that shows how family, culture, and crises impact us over time. This one is riveting.   In its gentle, yet dramatic story.. read more →

Speaking up: What the World Needs Now

  It does appear that the time of apathy is dwindling. It seems like there are more and more people opening their windows and yelling out “I won’t take it anymore”. Lee Woodruff’s blog  is powerful in its honesty. In my experience in executive coaching, I am always amazed and saddened at the number of.. read more →

Why Every Day is Father’s Day

The powerful triangle of mother-father-child is constantly being reviewed and dissected. As we get close to Father’s Day it gives us time to think about the power of this relationship. Is your father a beloved and respected human or merely seen as a sperm donor? Hard thoughts that need to be discussed. For, as I.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: Is “Change is Commin’” True?

Had a meeting in Manhattan and stayed to see “Memphis”. It was a rocking good show, worth the time and the money. The Tony award musical is set in the blandest of times, the 1950’s. Actually, I stand corrected. It was not bland at all. It was, however, a time when conflicts and dissentions were.. read more →