On the Cutting Edge of Change

To Know You is to Love You

  Hey, take a minute and look in the mirror. Not to judge, just to look. Now, what do you see?   Most of us will start with what is wrong. Sad but true. We live in a sort and judge, sort and judge world. We come from a fix and hide, fix and hide.. read more →

Workplace Conflict Can Be a Good Thing

  We are deeply into the second session of our 44th Total Leadership Connections program and I am still amazed when the dots between our backgrounds and work issues become clear.   In the present group is a young woman who grew up in a communist country and we had the privilege of hearing a.. read more →

Workplace Conflict, Men, Women, and the Family

  Yesterday I talked about the tension at work where men are searching for ways to navigate that tough middle road between being a great employee or business owner and a father who is present for his children.   I saw this dilemma first hand at an off-site with a national sales group. Picture the.. read more →

Workplace Conflict and Father’s Day

  Hope all of you dads had a play day yesterday; and, even more importantly, that you were recognized and appreciated.   If you are an older dad, did you live in the “no guilt” zone? Or were there memories of missed little league games, missed school plays, missed opportunities to talk, really talk with.. read more →

Leadership Alert: We Have A Pattern Spill!!!

  In “Don’t Bring It to Work” I discuss the 13 behavior patterns that follow us from our original organization, the family into our work organization.   The BIG, I mean BIG question is “Why do we keep doing the same things over and over and over and over and over“?   The even BIGGER.. read more →

Leadership Conversations: To Tell the Truth

  I just finished leading a tele-seminar with CTO’s from companies throughout the country.   The theme was about how to be the best, most self aware leaders so they could handle the people part of their job with ease and dignity.   The ease part is a crap shoot; the dignity part is more.. read more →

Weeds in the Brain

  What happens when you can’t think of anything new and innovative? What if your job depends on your creative energy? How do you shake yourself into the “never thought of it before” state?   You can hire someone. That’s always an option.   You can put the “gone fishing, swimming, jogging“, sign in the.. read more →

Leadership Dilemmas:Does One Person Really Make A Difference?

  Leadership in the 21st century is truly a team activity. It really does take a group of committed people to make positive change happen. So team collaboration is the best way forward.   On the other hand, each individual contributor must be seen in his or her own right as the one and only.. read more →

Reinvent Your Workplace

  It happens all the time; someone quits, someone is “unhired”, someone gets sick, someone new is hired. These are great opportunities to stop, take a breath and look once again to see what works and what needs to be done differently.   The goal is almost always the same; to make employees better, stronger,.. read more →

Total Leadership Connections

  This week we are starting our 45th program of “Total Leadership Connections“. It is so much fun to watch the competent leaders who go through this unique program take their skills to new levels.   We have found that once there is an understanding of the 13 most common behavior patterns seen in all workplaces it changes the way.. read more →