On the Cutting Edge of Change

Sailing the 7 C’s of Leadership

We just experienced an incredible team meeting at an off-site at our retreat center, The Country Place. Participants are all achievers of excellence, so when I suggested that they would get a grade of “C” they became very argumentative. “Wait, wait” I cautioned, and “I will explain…” These leaders have all been willing to look at how a.. read more →

Leadership impact; the rest of the story

Remember the three teams who were competing for an extra paid vacation day? They were figuring out how to get each team of ten over a patterned floor covering of circles and squares. Once they had the pattern figured out, they began to lead the entire team to the Promised Land. Yet, somewhere around the.. read more →

Creativity and Leadership

Here is a guest blog by one of our wonderful facilitators, Frank Walsh. He is an engineer, as well as a man of intuition and this blog shows how he uses both sides of his brain!!  Enjoy! Imagine a work environment without trust. Think about that for a moment. Trust is the foundation of all.. read more →

Give and Get: Cool Team Training

In these fast moving times, it is super important to learn about how relationships work and that “we really are all connected and no one wins unless we all do”.  Team building can add another important component to your work setting. We recently completed a “BUILD and GIVE” program with a client group. In two.. read more →

Leadership Development: Breaking the Mold with Giants and Glee

  San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy refers to his team, now getting ready for the World Series as a “bunch of misfits.” Huh? They played super ball in their series against the Phillies. Misfits?   Switch to Glee, the hit TV show that is capturing the minds and hearts of our nation; the story.. read more →

Leadership Dilemmas:Does One Person Really Make A Difference?

  Leadership in the 21st century is truly a team activity. It really does take a group of committed people to make positive change happen. So team collaboration is the best way forward.   On the other hand, each individual contributor must be seen in his or her own right as the one and only.. read more →

Upset About Office Politics

  Yesterday I received a call from a man who sounded super angry and incredibly tired. He said he was ready to close his very fiscally sound family carpet business because he could not stand the fighting anymore.   “Who are you fighting with? I asked. “Oh, not me, I stay out of the fray,.. read more →

Stretch Goals and Human Relationships

There was an excellent article by renowned leadership expert Michael Maccoby in the Washington Post  about the upside and downside of “stretch goals”.   The Olympics, a perfect example of watching individuals and teams push themselves, motivated by the desire to achieve greatness. What Maccoby suggested is that we need to look at the fine.. read more →

Real Leaders Practice Safe Stress ™

  Stress and anxiety have been at the boiling point for the last year, and depending where you live, the weather has been the proverbial icing on the cake.   As a leader in a company, your health is vital to keep the engines of your business revved and going smoothly. Sadly, when stress hits.. read more →

Leadership and Early Adapters

The following video has gone viral and is lots of fun to watch. It teaches some good lessons about the “first follower” as a leader. These early adapters are visionaries in their own right, and help make a movement happen.   In the video, we are talking about dancing at the beach: lots of fun.. read more →