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Did you ever wonder why so many annoying situations repeat over and over? Why impassible roadblocks loom in front of your most desired goals? Why your direct reports are always complaining about each other?


I developed a powerful coaching model to work with individuals, teams, and entire companies leading to higher productivity. Our highly skilled consultants all have business backgrounds and have been trained in my methods over a two year period.

Business coaching services include employee relations, change management consulting, executive consulting services, and at its core, life consulting.

My team and I coach you to achieve positive, breakthrough results using our proven OUT Technique:

  • OBSERVE your behavior patterns that derail success so they no longer have a strong hold on you
  • UNDERSTAND where they originated and they lose even more of their power
  • TRANSFORM these behavior patterns to their positive opposite and new opportunities open

My work involves real time exercises and case studies for executives, supervisors, and managers to help you see the interpersonal relationship dynamics that cause unnecessary upset and buttons to get pushed. Then you quickly and effectively know what to do about it.


Once you gain clarity about interpersonal behavior patterns that cause an impact you have the tools and skills to take care of the “problem child” on your team, help the over-achiever become a collaborator, the denier own up to issues, and improve your individual leadership to peak performance.

Business coaching begins with learning the communication skills and rules underlying relationships that occur in every company regardless of product or services. Here are options for coaching and consulting:

  • One-to-one personal coaching: one hour per week or as needed basis for three months.
  • Team building exercises: two hours three times for three months; specific individual sessions as needed.
  • Total Leadership Connections: state of the art leadership development program now in 11th year includes four sessions, Wednesday evening-Friday morning every other month for six months.
  • GUTSY Women Weekend Retreats for leaders and emerging leaders around the country from Friday evening through Sunday morning.

Contact Sylvia for free consultation at (570) 636-3858 or

Whatever venue you choose you can expect to gain tools for better communication and a new way to see issues that have boomeranged time after time. Learn the OUT technique and stop either being overly responsible, running from conflict, rebelling, pleasing unnecessarily, procrastinating, or anything else that keeps you (or those on your team) stuck in a rut.