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August 6-8, 2014 (W-F)–The Visionary

October 22-24, 2014 (W-F)–The Explorer

December 3-5, 2014 (W-F)–The Integrator

January 21-23, 2015 (W-F)–The Realizer

This is a four session program.  Each session focuses on a facet of leadership, for example, The Visionary, The Explorer, The Integrator, and The Realizer.

Where: The Country Place Retreat and Conference Center

This special “TLC” will include all the amazing modules that have helped leaders and high potentials become UNSTOPPABLE! It will also include some special surprises (any anniversary should have some “OMG” moments).

OUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE in this powerful leadership program is that no matter how much leadership development you have experienced there is a deeper level for you… a level that goes into your personal attitudes and beliefs, learning how they developed and where they fit into your present life. Once this information is in your back pocket, you become UNSTOPPABLE as a leader! Knowing how family, culture, and crises have impacted you, will have the ability to make better decisions than ever before, handle change more effectively, and mentor those around you. You become not only a better leader; you become a better partner, parent, friend and colleague.

Here are thoughts of those who have completed the program over the years:


For more details please contact Debbie Woldanski at 570.636.3858 or email






When:    Friday night October 24th through Sunday morning October 26th, 2014
Where:   The Country Place Retreat and Conference Center


This retreat gives women business leaders the opportunity to look at where they are and what they 

want. Looking from a vast perspective, at how they have made decisions, who inspired them, who have been the top influential women in their lives, who are famous women leaders of today, and how to move forward in a way that helps create balance between personal and business success.

It’s time to speak out!  It’s time to take risks!  It’s time to lead change! 

It’s time to BREAK FREE!

And for some it’s easy.   Others need a nudge.  To exude confidence. Be playful. Tell the truth.  Start your journey to GUTSY.  Untie the knots (cannot, am not, should not) that stood in your way of personal and professional power. Now is the time.  Profit from deep collaboration and creative relationships in a GUTSY Women Weekend Retreat.

Women today can no longer be shushed or denied. Be authentic, be flamboyant, be YOU. 

Being GUTSY means standing up and speaking out with the right words at the right time. That is what this program is all about. Women change agents are springing up on a daily basis. This is a vital time to really think about what you want and how women and men at work can support each other in this exciting time of rapid change.

This weekend retreat offers you the tools, tips, and techniques to stand on the shoulders of all the women who have come before us.

Being GUTSY makes it possible for the guys and gals to get along better at work.  In this retreat, you will learn 4 tips to GUTSY it up!

  1. How to speak out and be heard
  2. How to work faster and smarter in decision making
  3. How to communicate better in meetings
  4. How to be daring and caring at the same time

GUTSY hits the spot. It’s what every business woman, actually what every woman needs now. In one weekend I was able to rethink, reclaim, and reinvent my priorities for work and home. In just ONE weekend! Get your gear together and get to GUTSY. You will thank Sylvia and her team forever and ever!” – Joanne LaMarca, Network TV Producer, New York

“GUTSY has already had an impact on my professional life and I’ve applied the GUTSY principles at work. I would highly recommend attending GUTSY and reading “Don’t Bring It to Work”.  I believe GUTSY was something I needed for preparation for my next step professionally.”  Pauline Busby, Nurse, Wyndmoor, PA

“I was totally blown away by the impact of this program.  I learned about my strengths and how to use the strengths of others for more effective collaboration. I learned to be a participant in my own life.” Jennifer Gottschling, Pharmacovigilance Specialist, Arlington, MA

“ This program was amazingly helpful.  Hit on some things I needed right now.” Linda Williams, Training Focus, Wellsboro, PA.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came to GUTSY, but what I got out of it was clear, I got clarification in the direction I need to go.  I was supported by a group of women that I had never met before and learned new things about myself.  It was an incredible weekend for me and I really encourage women to take the leap and become GUTSY!” Liz Moore, Living by Nutrition, Sewell, NJ

“There is not one word to describe this. GUTSY was really powerful, and inspirational.  It was such a magnificent place to step into, but more-so, you leave with a plan of action and support. And to sum it up in one word– Life-transforming.  Shaun Stephenson, Circle of Ten, Inc., Mantua, NJ

The all-inclusive rate includes lodging, all meals and snacks prepared by our Executive Chef, the program plus a GUTSY Workbook, yoga, team-building, and after program follow-up emails to keep you on track with your GUTSY Action Plan.  For more information on the GUTSY Women Weekend Retreat™ please contact Debbie Woldanski at 570-636-3858 or email





Remember your first bike?

Shiny, slick, and new – you couldn’t wait to get on and show your friends.

You can recreate that feeling for some children that have not yet enjoyed that experience and at the same time your team will be engaged, empowered and enthusiastic about a team building experience.

YES!! You can do this in 2 – 3 hours and have results and memories that last a lifetime.

LEARN new business “tips” for effective collaboration and communication.

LAUGH together while learning the fine art of negotiation.

LOVE the results when you “gift” community kids with shiny new  bikes.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“In the world of the majority of families we serve through PSFC, a bike of this nature would be considered a luxury item. What a wonderful gift not only to the children who receive them, but to their parents who experience the joy of seeing their child receive such a gift.”

~Tim Lee, Executive Director - Pocono Services for Families and Children

Groups come together with common goals having some fun, learning how to work effectively together, and doing something good for your community.

Engage and motivate your staff and pay it forward to your community!

For more details please contact Debbie Woldanski at 570.636.3858 or email