“One of the most original and useful books on the family/work/life balance issue”
-Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California

“This book will help at work and home. There’s a gem on every page.”
-Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi& Saatchi

Wonderful insights for anyone who manages a business, works in a business, or leads a business. Read it now!
-Michael E. Gerber, Author, The E-Myth Books

In this terrific book, Sylvia Lafair tells us how to leave our unproductive behaviors and attitudes at the office door. I especially applaud her declaration that truth telling and open communication in the workplace will breed respect and reduce insecurities. We would all do well with her pragmatic advice on how to bring about a positive, productive work environment.”
-Ed Rendell, Former Governor of Pennsylvania

“Most educators feel they are standing sentry over a system under siege on all fronts. It’s exhausting! Leadership for the 21st Century shows us effective ways to make change happen. The work of Creative Energy Options, Inc. (CEO) provides the skills to forge a strong team on behalf of our mission to prepare children for their future. I’ve been waiting for this for 35 years.”
-Linda C. Brewer, EdD, Superintendent, Derry Township School District, Hershey, Pennsylvania

“In this smart, useful,, and much-needed book on how to work and play well with others, Sylvia Lafair teaches us how to recognize and change our own ineffective workplace behavior and how to help others get past the family baggage and office politics that prevent all of us from doing our best work.”
-Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind.

“The creative person is able to observe patterns, often when others sitting next to them see unconnected dots.  If you think of these dots as people and the connecting lines as constructive interactions, sometimes representing ideas, sometimes love, sometimes concern, you will be an avid reader of Sylvia Lafair’s book.”
-Richard Saul Wurman, founder, the TED ( Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Conference.

“This book is emotionally engaging and the message is fantastic.”
-Robert Sutton, author of The No Asshole Rule

Dr. Lafair gives us a high powered microscope to see what goes on at work that we often miss. Her presentation is a unique, fresh view of how relationships work and what we need to know for productive collaboration.
-Bill Lockwood. Executive Director, American Society for Automation in Pharmacy

Sylvia’s insights, experience and her brilliant communication style make her one of the leading experts in this field. I have had the honor of working with Sylvia over many years and can attest to the power of her methods in transforming co-workers into highly functioning team members. This really works!
-Eslie Dennis, MD, VP Medical Head Northeast, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Sylvia takes a highly personalized approach to Leadership Development. She helps each person become more aware of their personal styles, their possible origins and raises behavior patterns to a conscious level. From awareness comes change. I found great value in applying these lessons both at work and home to successfully balance demanding jobs, motherhood and a 2 career marriage.
-Nancy Singer, Senior Director, Global Sales and Marketing Leadership Development, Merck & Co., Inc.

Dr. Lafair’s work changed the way we run our company and the results are significant. This sentence says it all, “It is time to get out of the sandbox of childhood and gain a deeper knowledge of the fact that we are all connected and no one wins unless we all do.
-Yvonne Cangelosi, Executive VP, SPEX CertiPrep, Inc.

Sylvia Lafair’s life work is helping people reach their potential. Like many brilliant ideas, the pattern recognition process described in this book seems obvious in hindsight. Its power is the power to transform not just life in the workplace, but the total quality of human life. Vital for those working in a family business.
-Edwin Neill III, CEO, Neill Corporation

Dr. Lafair is on to something that will totally change how you see yourself and others in the workplace. The Pattern Aware Leadership Model helps people recognize and address their core issues. This is so much more than “dress for success” advice. Buy it, read it, apply it! It will transform you and your relationships.
-Dorene E. McCourt, VP, Product Development & Management, MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.

This book has wonderful tools for anyone wishing to make their work environment more successful. It addresses the baggage that we all bring to the workplace and gives wonderful revelations as to how to move forward from this and build on our strengths. It is about leadership of the highest level.
-Carole Haas Gravagno, Board Member, Philadelphia Orchestra

This book offers keen insights into how individuals process information and guides leaders in helping employees at every level become the best they can be. It is amazing how quickly conflicts can be resolved when we understand the meta-messages that lie at the core of most communication. It should be required reading for all leaders and leaders-in- training.
-Lynn Rolston, CEO California Pharmacists Association

“The insights I have gained about patterned behavior responses have been invaluable both in my own career and in my ability to coach others.”
-Lisa DiPaolo, Vice President, Human Resources, Smiths Medical, Critical Care, Cambridge, MA

“Sylvia’s message connects the dots when she talks about transforming conflict as a better way. Her insights into behavior patterns are amazing and she reminds us to look at the internal baggage that gets in our way. She’s very inspirational and sends an important message for all leaders at every level.”
-Pam Stein, Manager, Training and Organizational Development, Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. Port Charlotte, Florida