On the Cutting Edge of Change

Leadership and Watching the Sun Come Up

There is little Annie, “the orphan singing her heart out about tomorrow being better than today.” You know when she belts out “The sun will come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there will be Well, that is a good bet right now. Although with all the awful stuff about “Fukushima”, global warming.. read more →

Splitters and Pot Stirrers at Work

They make noise with their silence. They smile like the Cheshire cat. They tell you one thing and someone else gets another version. Most of the time they feel offendedand will never say anything directly to the person, no, they just tell everyone else. Splitters and pot stirrers are the most difficult people to work with. They seem logical and reasonable... read more →


Our last GUTSY WOMEN WEEKEND program of the year is coming soon. The program is for women who want to make an impact and stand up to be heard. Leadership is demanding and disciplined and GUTSYgives you the way OUT of the darkness of despair and disgust when situations simply go astray. Take Karen for example. She was recently promoted to President.. read more →

Leadership and the Author William Faulkner

As I prepare for our 57th Total Leadership Connections Program, I am still haunted by many of the personal stories of those in this award winning leadership program. I am also reminded of the powerful quote from William Faulkner: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” We need leaders in business, politics, non-profits, the.. read more →

Why Do So Many Leadership Programs Fail?

Tons of money spent each year on leadership development programs and many, many of them fail. Individuals come back all fired up and within, oh maybe, two weeks, the bloom is off the rose. Why? Because we are looking in all the wrong places! Leadership that starts with a premise that begins with today and.. read more →

Leadership, Parents, and Patterns

I was struck by the wonderful challenges that Marilyn Hewson’s mother gave her as a youngster. In the business world we call these “stretch goals.” Rarely are they done when we are kids, often fear of not being able to complete the task gets in the way. Marilyn’s mother asked her to go to the grocery store and buy products she needed.. read more →

Leadership and Conflict

Sylvia Lafair PhD, What are Patterns (VIDEO) What is the underlying cause of conflict? Not easy to answer. However, all conflict that is big, awful and noisy has to do with underlying stress. Even genie’s who fly out of bottles when you rub them cannot dissolve the tension of disputes and annoyances. There was this guy who.. read more →

Leadership Lessons: Get OUT of Meeting Hell

Ever leave a staff meeting and say “That was a waste of time?” Hey, if you have always loved every meeting you have attended you are either lying or brain dead. Even meetings that are really good or somewhat good have some folks leaving who feel discounted, sabotaged, or ignored. These are people who usually.. read more →

Leadership and Detours

My client was so cool when I called to tell him the road to his office was closed due to an accident and I had to take a detour. He said “Ah, life’s detours are great for new learning. See you when you get here.” So I put the radio to a music station and said to.. read more →

Leaders: Leap to Success

Question: Why do so many smart people with all the right business credentials explode or implode on their way to success? Question: Where are YOU on that royal road to your own pot of gold at the end of your personal rainbow of success? Question: How can you find out what is holding you back or holding.. read more →