On the Cutting Edge of Change

The Tiger and the Truth

  Lots of buzz about Tiger Woods and a party girl is coming to the surface after the car crash on Thanksgiving. What does it mean to you and to me? Does it really matter if he is having an.. read more →

Leadership Development and Ethical Capitalism

I’m on a roll with wanting to understand economics differently. I must admit, I gave up counting in third grade, never liked numbers, and preferred the messy world of emotions to the precision of math.   However, as I research.. read more →

When We Help

I asked folks to send in stories about those who have helped them personally or who they have encountered who make a difference. Here is a powerful one from Katherine Matson who is a participant in our “Total Leadership Connections.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: Preventing Burnout

Every leadership development program should have a module on burnout; how to avoid it and what to do when yikes, too late, it’s right there in front of you. Burnout is one of the leading causes of conflict in the.. read more →

Is threatening people really a good idea?

I was watching an “expert” talk about how to get a team motivated. His question was “Is threatening people a good idea”? In less than the two minute YouTube response his answer was basically “yes, that if people are not.. read more →

Anger at Work

I just found a note I wrote when I was putting the information together for my book “Don’t Bring It to Work”. It was a simple statement, “Anger at work and at home costs a lot of money”. I began.. read more →

Communication, Communication, Communication

I was in a discussion with a colleague about the key drivers for leadership success and what core elements in leadership development would make the greatest long term difference. Think about it for a minute; what would you say is.. read more →

Are Women Really So Unhappy?

Last week there was an article in BNET discussing why women are so unhappy. Many good points were covered; yet, that is not what I want to write about today. I have been fascinated by the number (almost 150) by.. read more →

Obama and Deep Thinking

What does it mean for the world that President Obama is receiving the Nobel Peace prize? Maybe, just maybe it means we are in a turn the corner place for deeper thinking. Maybe, just maybe, we can find ways to.. read more →

Leadership and Group Power

As I explore the essence of leadership I hear a similar thought from many of my colleagues that goes like this “Too much retread, too much superficial same old same old”. So when new ideas that make us really think.. read more →