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Leadership and Truth

There is a new movie out called The Invention of Lying. Great premise: what if no one knew how to lie and only told the truth, the whole truth, no matter what? It would certainly be a different world. Here.. read more →

Leadership and Power

Do we ever really know another person? We see the frame, the face, and the clothes. We can guess about their preferences by where they live, the books they read, the work they do. And yet, do we ever know.. read more →

Leadership and Radical Transparency

I am one who tracks patterns rather than tornadoes. Actually they are not that different. One is a force of nature that can be traced and has many attributes that are predictable. It can be called the perfect storm. Behavior.. read more →

Patterns of Success

I have been running around the country (actually flying to be really clear) and what I find interesting is that similarities seem more similar than they ever have before. This economic downturn has hit the whole country and I am.. read more →

Tell Em You Love Em

You know the song, “What the world needs now is love sweet love…”. During these times that still seem economically tough and money is tight what can we give that replenishes itself, that won’t cause us worry and stress and.. read more →

4 Clues that Your Boss is Getting Ready to Put You on a Performance Improvement Plan

We all know that the formal language around a PIP is that it is “designed to facilitate a discussion between you and your boss”. Right! Everyone knows it is really a way to get you to self select out before.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: Let Them See you Sweat, Just Not Too Much!

We have all been taught that strong leaders are unemotional. They just deal with the facts and get the work done. That is just plain nonsense. There have been enough studies that show when we suppress our emotions we are.. read more →

Leadership Strategies for Emotional Times

We all need to find our own personal way OUT of difficult emotional situations. Out stands for Observe, Understand, and Transform. How we do that can make all the difference in our work relationships and give us high marks as.. read more →

Is the World Better or Worse?

George Blobe is the President of ORE Rentals, Inc. As a graduate of “Total Leadership Connections” he was able to find meaning in looking back at his family and bringing the wisdom he learned from them into the present time... read more →

A Life Changing Story

I am delighted to receive responses to my blog request for life defining sentences. Today enjoy the blog based on how one of our “Total Leadership Connections” facilitator’s looks at her life process and the essence of leadership development from.. read more →