On the Cutting Edge of Change

Response to Tiger’s New Ad

I wonder what Tiger’s dad was really talking about, certainly not his son’s sexual conduct, probably his golf swing! This is a blatant misuse of a dead man’s comments. Tiger, stands there looking like a dead man walking.   What are we to learn from watching this ad other than to see how far we,.. read more →

Bad Behavior at Home, School, Work

Image by ihtatho via Flickr Bullying is an art form not dissimilar to caring. It takes persistence, practice, and purpose.   What does that really mean? It means that all behaviors become patterned responses if we do them consistently. There is a law in neurology, Hebb’s Law that states “neurons that fire together wire together”... read more →

Real Leaders Practice Safe Stress ™

  Stress and anxiety have been at the boiling point for the last year, and depending where you live, the weather has been the proverbial icing on the cake.   As a leader in a company, your health is vital to keep the engines of your business revved and going smoothly. Sadly, when stress hits.. read more →

Valentines for Moms

  An important part of what we teach in our Total Leadership Connections Program is that it is an illusion to think we can separate who we are at home from who we are at work. That split causes a multitude of emotional and even physical issues for lots of people.   Even more, we.. read more →

Tillit and Other Palindromes

Our world can change in "the blink of an eye". read more →

Unhappy at Work

Months ago I posted a blog on why women are so unhappy at work. I am still getting responses, even though most “older blogs” are put out to pasture by the end of the day they are conceived and birthed.   I have been thinking about why there is so much gloom and doom about.. read more →

Cultural Sensitivity

  As I was writing my Elegant Leadership blog about the poor choice of language from Michael Steele, of the Republican Party, I was reminded of a powerful scenario from a Leadership in Action program I led years ago.   There was a group of 24 business people from various organizations who gathered together for.. read more →

Relationship Complexities at Work, Home, and in the Bedroom

The ripples of interactions from birth to adulthood affect each and every on of us. Those lasting results are good, and bad! read more →

Leadership and Pattern Awareness

Behavior Patterns: Out With the Old, and In With the New? read more →

Elegant Leadership

  I am so delighted to introduce you to my new blog “Elegant Leadership” that will be posted at http://blog.ceoptions.com/ after the New Year. Since I love to write I will have a more personal blog at www.sylvialafair.com to include thoughts and ideas about relationships, health, and education, as well as business.   Elegant Leadership.. read more →