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3 Things You Must Do Immediately when Someone Starts Verbally Attacking You

Joanne turned red. Then as the bullying continued she knew she was purple with rage. Then she felt her stomach flip and knew the new color of her skin matched her green outfit .  The barrage of hostility that flowed over her during the meeting was initially subtle. Then her main adversary, the “jerk” who.. read more →

Leadership Strategies and the “I’m the Best” Folk

When I conduct one day Pattern Aware Programs at companies the same thing happens over and over. At the lunch break, everyone talks about a boss, co-worker, mother-in-law, ex-partner or neighbor who fits perfectly into the pattern mold. There is always a joke or well chosen barb. Then in the afternoon comes the hard work.. read more →

Leadership Strategies, Dialogue, and Beer with Obama

What exactly happens when people come together to discuss contentious issues? Normally all sides are consciously willing to talk in a fair and balanced way, and unconsciously prepared to protect their points of view. There may be a verbal “I really want to understand your perspective”, yet, underneath survival mechanisms are at play. Thus, the.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: The Professor and the Police Officer

          I have been following the undertow reactions from last week when Henry Louis Gates Jr. the African American Harvard professor was taken to police headquarters and now has a mug shot to add to his list of memory photographs. Immediately the media and most folks who had conversations went to.. read more →

Putting Salve On A Pain in the —- Boss

There are lots of blogs and articles about bully bosses and how to handle them. Most end by saying either “leave” or “suck it up and stay”. Are there any other options that might work better? First, it is important to understand what is underneath the nasty bad boss syndrome. Persecutors NEED TO FEEL IMPORTANT... read more →

Leadership Strategies and “Nay-Sayers”

The natural tendency to be a “devil’s advocate” is seductive. It is learned at a young age and is so deeply ingrained into one’s behavior it becomes almost disloyal to say “Yes, that’s great, excellent idea, I’ll support that, count me in, how can I help”. Creating leadership tactics to deal with Nay-Sayers can be.. read more →

A Whole New World Using A Whole New Mind

When I was gathering endorsements for my book “Don’t Bring It to Work” I went right to a person who I thought would “get” the underlying concepts I hoped would be made available to a large population. One of the first people I connected with was Dan Pink whose book, “A Whole New Mind”, is for.. read more →

Avoiding Leadership Responsibilities; More than a One Night Stand

There is a very interesting article in the Washington Post about Mark Sanford regarding moral principles and leadership that really made me think and here is my response: Are we asking the right questions? At this time it needs to be more than “Did Sanford stray”? It is important to look beyond one incident and address.. read more →

The Shadow Side Shows Up

How many more “family values” based politicians will make the news about affairs this season? It is interesting that the latest, Governor Sanford had his press “mea culpa” conference sans wife by his side. He needs to do this alone and it will be interesting to see what he can learn from his philandering.  .. read more →

The Legacy of Michael Jackson: For His Children

My first thought hearing of Michael Jackson’s sudden and untimely death was “What about his children”? I know the shock of losing a parent suddenly. My father died of a heart attack when I was fourteen. One evening my parents went to dinner and a movie. The next day we were planning a funeral. There.. read more →