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Leadership Strategies: Time to Stand and be Counted

I don’t usually get super angry. I know we all function in our lives to explore how to be better than we are. I also know we get stuck in behavior patterns, often generations old that lock us into myopia and even emotional blindness. However, I get frustrated when I see overt exploitation and know.. read more →

When Leading Means “Get Out of the Way”

Lately I have been asked to comment as an expert for several major parenting magazines. Parenting? Sure, parenting today is rightfully considered as an important leadership skill. And therefore, leadership techniques and leadership tips are valid for parents whether they work in an office or their office is the home.  At first it felt odd,.. read more →

Leadership and Legacy

Ever smack yourself on the side of the head and say “Not again”! Why do we do what we do over and over? After all we are at the top of the food chain, aren’t we? Smart and getting smarter with all the technology at our fingertips? So, what is it that keeps behavior patterns.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: Taking on Those who Play Both Sides

This is the MOST difficult pattern to expose and transform in the workplace. Splitters seem so congenial and helpful. They always want to be your best friend. They always talk about how much they can help “watch your back”. Splitters are perfect CIA agents and often act as such in the office. They often have.. read more →

Leadership Strategies and the “What Problem” Crowd

Denial, as the joke goes, is more than a river in Egypt. It is something we all do on occasion when what confronts us is too hard to fathom. So, we say, “No, this isn’t happening”. Has to be a dream…mistake….joke…. And then, we pull ourselves up and do what we have to do, most.. read more →

Leadership Strategies and the “I’m the Best” Folk

When I conduct one day Pattern Aware Programs at companies the same thing happens over and over. At the lunch break, everyone talks about a boss, co-worker, mother-in-law, ex-partner or neighbor who fits perfectly into the pattern mold. There is always a joke or well chosen barb. Then in the afternoon comes the hard work.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: The Professor and the Police Officer

          I have been following the undertow reactions from last week when Henry Louis Gates Jr. the African American Harvard professor was taken to police headquarters and now has a mug shot to add to his list of memory photographs. Immediately the media and most folks who had conversations went to.. read more →

leadership Strategies and the “Ha Ha Ha Crowd”

Did you know a good belly laugh is great medicine for your immune system? Are you the kind who chuckles, snorts or can just laugh out loud? “It all depends” you say. Of course it all depends on what you think is funny and it all depends especially on the timing. That’s what separates the.. read more →

Leadership Strategies and “Whoa is Me” Victims

Did you ever feel like the world was absolutely, categorically against you? Did you ever feel like even your best friend was looking at you with disdain? Ever feel like just pulling the covers over your head and never, ever, ever getting out of bed? Question, “So what do you do”? Most of us pick.. read more →

Leadership Strategies and Drama

One of the most intriguing leadership challenges concerns office drama. The TV series “30 Rock” and “The Office” are great examples of how drama kings and queens take up so much air time at work. What makes drama so pervasive and so time consuming? Easy, it is a fun distraction. If we are prone to.. read more →