On the Cutting Edge of Change

An Early Valentine

When we think Valentine’s Day, we think lovers and chocolate and red hearts and sumptuous dinners. This blog is a great reminder of another early love, that between parents and children. While not everyone was as lucky as Ned Brody to have a mother of power and passion, we DO KNOW we all had a.. read more →

A Picture is Truly Worth Tons of Words

If you are not familiar with Anne Geddes work, run your fingers quickly to a site that will show you her remarkable photographs with pregnant women and infant. It is heartwarming and amazingly creative. We really do need to reconnect with the sacredness of conception and birth. It has been lost in a society that.. read more →

Leadership, Living Dangerously, and Mel Gibson

  Why is there so much razzle-dazzle blah, blah, blah about Mel Gibson? He is only one of a long line of individuals (female as well as male) who make nasty comments on the phone with lots of four to seven letter words that are bleeped out on the television.   What are we looking.. read more →