On the Cutting Edge of Change

Elegant Leadership

  I am so delighted to introduce you to my new blog “Elegant Leadership” that will be posted at http://blog.ceoptions.com/ after the New Year. Since I love to write I will have a more personal blog at www.sylvialafair.com to include.. read more →

Tiger Woods: Helping Us Connect Our Original Organization With Our Work Organization

  Tiger Woods’ stories are touching almost every aspect of life in organizations today. Does he owe anything to the golfing community where he is seen as a CEO of sorts? Does he owe anything to his previously adoring public?.. read more →

Disappointments: Move to Action

Sorry if things are unfair and your dreams are turning from bold colors to faded fragments. Guess what, instead of putting your head down and stewing you do something. The question is “What”?  You have a choice; question is “Choose.. read more →

Dare to Vacate

These few weeks before Labor Day are the ones that scream out “STOP”. This is the end point before the next beginning. This is the last of those lazy days before the autumn surge. School soon moves into high gear... read more →

Leadership Strategies: Time to Stand and be Counted

I don’t usually get super angry. I know we all function in our lives to explore how to be better than we are. I also know we get stuck in behavior patterns, often generations old that lock us into myopia.. read more →

Leadership and Legacy

Ever smack yourself on the side of the head and say “Not again”! Why do we do what we do over and over? After all we are at the top of the food chain, aren’t we? Smart and getting smarter.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: Taking on Those who Play Both Sides

This is the MOST difficult pattern to expose and transform in the workplace. Splitters seem so congenial and helpful. They always want to be your best friend. They always talk about how much they can help “watch your back”. Splitters.. read more →

Leadership Strategies: The Professor and the Police Officer

          I have been following the undertow reactions from last week when Henry Louis Gates Jr. the African American Harvard professor was taken to police headquarters and now has a mug shot to add to his.. read more →

leadership Strategies and the “Ha Ha Ha Crowd”

Did you know a good belly laugh is great medicine for your immune system? Are you the kind who chuckles, snorts or can just laugh out loud? “It all depends” you say. Of course it all depends on what you.. read more →

Leadership Strategies for the “Gotta Go” Crowd

The avoider pattern is a BIG one. It is super prevalent in today’s culture as a way of handling conflict and stress. Avoiders are aware of problems, yet won’t talk about them. When listening to an avoider you will here.. read more →