On the Cutting Edge of Change

Leadership Development: How “Different” becomes “Unique”

A butterfly flitting around a business convention caught my eye and held me transfixed. Everything else at this winter meeting was brown, grey, dark blue and black, except for that orange and yellow swirl of color. I was getting ready.. read more →


Our last GUTSY WOMEN WEEKEND program of the year is coming soon. The program is for women who want to make an impact and stand up to be heard. Leadership is demanding and disciplined and GUTSYgives you the way OUT of the darkness of despair and disgust.. read more →

Women Leaders: We Do NOT have More Time to be Silent

Rachel Carson who wrote a book of major importance “The Silent Spring” was a GUTSY woman who spoke out about the level of toxins in our world 50 years ago. Those numbers are higher and the risk more deadly. Someone.. read more →

Leadership Development Studies: It’s a Matter of Trust

He looked at me with great care and said “You can trust me”. I felt that funny little sizzle in my gut that said “Not a chance”. What is it that makes us trust or distrust someone? On the surface,.. read more →

GUTSY Leadership: Butterflies in Your Belly

When I met Livia Genova-Pagano at an eWomen’s networking event in suburban Philadelphia I was struck by her strong and assured presence. I saw the word GUTSY written in the middle of her forehead. When we talked I saw how.. read more →

To Go or Not To Go: What Would a Leader DO?

Decisions that are both professional and personal are more complex for today’s women (and men) than in the past. When boundaries were clearly defined, we knew what to do and when. And if we didn’t like it, well, we just.. read more →

Read, Repeat. Remember

I was busy getting our new CEO website ready with the most amazing web designer, Hilary Brooks (www.smallbizwebwhiz.com) . It will be ready next week so we’ll keep you posted. I was working on the content for CONSULTING and was.. read more →

New Leadership Language for the New Women Leaders

The following is real substantial food for thought. I’d love to hear from you what are the words that drive you crazy and sound really nasty when talking about the opposite gender. I would like to compile a list and.. read more →

Living a GUTSY life

I have been delighted with all the comments and definitions about what it means to be GUTSY. It really is a great word that has a lot of “juice” to it. Thinking about the essence of GUTSY women as I.. read more →

GUTSY Leader Who is the “Lite of the Party”

When we can work, make good money, have time for self-care, and laugh a lot, well…..life is good. That is what so many women entrepreneurs are deciding is the way to make work work for them. There is a GUTSY.. read more →